Why the public sector needs to rethink its approach to technology

Why the public sector needs to rethink its approach to technology


Rethink Partners, a leading transformation organisation that helps to facilitate the adoption of digital technology in the public sector, has launched a digital movement in response to the government’s white paper on digital care during the pandemic.

Digital Fight Club has been launched to create conversation around existing policies and stimulate change following the pandemic. Despite some impressive progress as part of the pandemic response, there’s so much untapped opportunity to do more with digital.

During the pandemic, Rethink Partners played a pivotal role in the UK’s fastest adoption and roll out of digital technology in the care sector in its partnership with Essex, Suffolk and Kent County Councils and Alcove. The collaboration meant 5,000 carephones were made available to families and health professionals to keep in touch with loved ones, when face to face contact wasn’t available.

It is hoped by encouraging discussion and debate in other public sector organisations, these case studies will demonstrate how important technology can be to make a positive difference. Care tech will be at the forefront of innovative care in the future.

By launching Digital Fight Club, Rethink Partners’ founders Clare Morris and Irene Carson are hoping to create a network of Digital Care champions across the UK to begin making a real change to the way care is provided.

Claire Morris, CEO of Rethink Partners, said:

“We want change in the way services are planned, procured and rolled out to people. We want change in the way everyone thinks about success and achievement.

“Digital Fight Club is about much more than just a one way conversation – we want to create a movement that will change the way organisations think, and ultimately change how care is delivered to ensure everyone has access to the same technologies and ultimately the same care. The last 12 months have been a steep learning curve for everyone – at Rethink Partners, we want to take advantage of all the lessons we’ve learnt and help those innovative developments become standard practice.

“We’re passionate about people and ensuring good care is at the heart of every organisation. We also know that whilst there’s been some examples of best practice in how technology can be embedded into organisations, the white paper on Digital Transformation shows we have a long way to go.”

Earlier this year, Rethink Partners was commissioned by the LGA (Local Government Association) to develop and deliver a Care Technology Support Programme for councils.

The aim was to deliver a series of connected interventions that will ultimately create momentum and shift the way organisations think about care technology, equipping them with the tools, capability, and mindset to deliver this ambitious agenda.

Digital Fight Club (DFC) continues on this theme but is opened up to a broader public sector audience, including health and social care professionals from various disciplines.

The DFC will be a series of online meet-ups, designed to fit into a lunch time, discussing the burning issues around digital transformation, including topics like Big Data and Equality.

To learn more, go to www.rethinkpartners.co.uk

To register for Digital Fight Club, go to https://rethinkpartners.co.uk/digital-fight-club

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