Why should social care go digital?

Why should social care go digital?

As technology rapidly advances, the way we all interact with services is changing. We live in a digital age, where people manage much of their lives through their smartphones. Yet generally, the adult social care sector has been slow to adopt new technology.

Transferring information between the NHS, social services and social care providers is still mainly paper based. Sharing information is often reliant on fax machines. This causes delays in placements and can put those receiving care at increased risk.

The NHS has made progress supporting people to manage their health online. Over 15 million people are signed-up for digital services through their GP practice. This means they can go online to:

  • book appointments
  • order repeat prescriptions
  • view their GP record

But for people supported through adult social care services, it can be very difficult for them to access their health and care records. This can put the continuity and quality of their care at risk. Sharing information between organisations will improve individuals’ experience and care as they move between home, hospital and care services.

Our hope is that in the future we are able to appropriately share information about those we support in real time. This will allow a more personalised and targeted approach to delivering their health and care needs.

By enabling a digital approach to health and care, essential information can be quickly and efficiently shared with the right health and care professionals. This means that we can offer the people we support a more seamless health and care service.

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