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White paper: putting people at the heart of digital innovation in social care

White paper: putting people at the heart of digital innovation in social care

A technology company has launched its latest white paper showcasing the benefits of digital innovation in social care.

HAS Technology has published “How do we put people at the heart of digital care transformation?”.

The white paper features real-life examples of how innovative technology is supporting providers. It covers how technology can help strategic service management, improve conditions for the workforce and enhance outcomes for people who use social care.

The report looks at how wearable technology can help individuals take more control of their wellbeing and prevent falls. It also covers how digital care management technology helps to organise and deliver care in line with peoples’ needs and wishes.

Jason Harries, MD at HAS Technology, said: “The power to assess health issues remotely and intervene as risks escalate allows for better resource management and improved outcomes for individuals. Whether we’re thinking about the bigger picture or what we’d like for ourselves and our family, it often simply comes down to the right high-quality care being delivered to the right person at the right time. Real-time information available to the relevant healthcare professionals can make this happen.

“Our white paper looks at how the adoption of technology and digital transformation can put individuals at the heart of care delivery. The inspirational user stories and case studies featured in the white paper highlight what is already being achieved around the country.”

In the white paper you can read the experiences of providers like Carmarthenshire Council, which uses HAS Technology’s CM digital social care management technology.

Nicola Jones, Project Officer in the Department for Communities at Carmarthenshire Council, said: “The CM solution has allowed us to be more responsive to service user needs and we use the competency levels and skills for matching the right support worker to each visit.

“Since introducing the technology we have been empowered with information to improve the efficiency and person-centred focus of our service, and we are proud of the difference this is making.”

The HAS Technology white paper can be downloaded at:


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