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Virtual visits to social care centres of digital innovation

Virtual visits to social care centres of digital innovation

We’re all operating in an increasingly digital world, but it can be hard to know what technology will work for your service, your staff and the people you support.

That’s why the National Care Forum has launched The Hubble Project. The initiative gives you the chance to virtually visit ‘innovation hubs’ to learn how other social care providers are using technology to improve care.

Funded by NHS Digital’s Social Care Digital Pathfinders Programme, the project aims to help you understand the benefits of technology and how to build the business case for investment. You’ll also learn how to successfully introduce, use and evaluate technology.

The hubs are based in three care settings in England. The sessions will showcase a range of technologies which include electronic care planning, electronic medication management, acoustic monitoring, circadian lighting, sensor technology and telecare.

Through a mixture of pre-recorded content and live Q&As, managers and staff will demonstrate the technology they use. They’ll also talk about how they came to adopt it, the challenges they faced and the benefits of using it.

Regardless of where you are on the digital journey there will be a session to suit you. The virtual sessions are all taking place between September and December 2020. Visitors will also benefit from access to a toolkit to support building a business case, getting buy in, and implementation.

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