Wicksteed Court Care Home: taking care planning online

Wicksteed Court Care Home: taking care planning online

Wicksteed Court Care Home had already been embracing technology to support care by introducing robotic pet therapy. Now the team have taken the leap to leave behind paperwork and are using electronic care plans, helping to free-up carers’ time.



When Ritu Mehra took the job of Registered Manager at Wicksteed Court Care Home in Kettering, Northamptonshire she came from a role where electronic care planning was already being used.

Ritu explains:

“I knew the benefits of taking care planning online. It saves time, makes the process simpler and allows you to audit effectively.”

Traditionally the home had used paper care plans which took up storage space and were time-consuming. Earlier this year the team moved their care planning to an online system, called CareDocs.


How it works

CareDocs uses a 3-step process. First the carer completes the online assessment which uses a series of interactive questions. The system guides the carer through all the sections and builds a complete profile of the resident.

Next CareDocs creates a personalised care plan from the completed assessment in seconds. The information that’s been compiled is assessed by the system and a plan automatically created.

The sections of the plan are generated and use the resident’s full name. These can then be edited and fine-tuned as needed. As well as the text, each section has a risk rating and a level of assistance indication – both calculated from the assessment.

As the plan is editable, it can be kept up to date easily. Amendments are held within the system so you can track the changes and retain a full audit trail.

Ritu says:

“It only takes a matter of minutes to review and update the care plans. It’s quick, easy to use and professional.”

The system has in-built risk assessments which you can tailor to suit your organisation.


Making the change

When the system was introduced, the team worked with paper care plans alongside the new electronic plans, so staff had time to get used to it.

Ritu says:

“I worked closely with our brilliant care team to help familiarise them with the new system, and very quickly we were able to switch over completely.”



For Ritu, two of the biggest benefits have been the clarity it has provided, and the time saved.

She explains:

“Before a monthly audit would take me 5-6 hours to complete. Now I can view everything I need at my fingertips and can download what I need in moments. The system also prompts us when a review is due.”

Since introducing the system it’s helped to streamline care planning and allow the care team to spend more time providing direct care to residents.

In a recent survey undertaken at the home, carers feel:

  • it’s quicker to produce detailed person-centred care plans
  • electronic care plans allow for more time spent on providing direct care to residents
  • more confident about quickly accessing and sharing health information with GP’s, nurses and other healthcare professionals
  • electronic care plans are more detailed and thorough compared to paper care plans.


CareDocs support

Ian Way, Senior Business Development Manager at CareDocs, said

“Our goal is to improve the way care providers operate so both staff and residents benefit from a more efficient service. It’s great to see more care homes implementing digital solutions to help them achieve this.

“We’re delighted to have helped Wicksteed Court Care Home and it’s great to be aligned with progressive care businesses which embrace the benefits of technology. We look forward to a long relationship with them.

“We encourage all care businesses to try digital care management systems. At CareDocs, we pride ourselves on delivering first-class customer support, dedicated training, regular software updates and an out-of-hours help.”


For more information

To find out more about Wicksteed Court Care Home, visit www.micarewcch.co.uk

For more information about CareDocs, visit www.caredocs.co.uk, email SalesGroup@caredocs.co.uk or call 0330 056 3333.

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