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Liam House: adapting to online care planning software

Liam House: adapting to online care planning software

Liam House is a residential home for ten adults with learning disabilities in Bournemouth, which offers permanent placements and respite. The team were looking for a way to cut down on paper and take their care management online.



Like many care homes, Liam House was reliant on paper handovers and staff communicating when it came to caring for their residents. Liam House’s owner, Laura Jane Stephens, wanted to move much of the administration online to help remove any possibilities for errors and save valuable staff time.

Laura Jane said:

“Although the team at Liam House always communicate well, we wanted to try and move towards becoming paperless. I thought that by moving to an online care management system, we’d remove the potential for any errors and have the information at our fingertips. We wanted to make everyone’s job easier.”

The team decided to try Log my Care, a free care home software which features an easy to use app which can run on any mobile device.


How it works

Log my Care mobile 2The idea behind Log my Care is that carers can easily plan, record and coordinate care on the go. All care notes are logged through the app, such as liquid intake, ABC charts and the resident’s activities.

In a few taps you can also record the time, add a witness, a photo or flag something for the next staff member.

Laura Jane said:

“Essentially instead of staff having to take time out to sit down and fill out all the paperwork they can complete it using a tablet straight away. It’s so much less time consuming.”

Straight from the app, carers can read the latest information on the resident and any handovers.


Having an overview of care

Log my Care dashboardOwners and managers can access a dashboard to get instant oversight about how the service is operating. You can check the status of each resident and find out what care is being given.

Care plans and risk assessments can be added so you can read all the information in one place. There are also helpful charts and you can see if anything is overdue.

Laura Jane explained:

“It’s easy to see any changes, such as any differences in residents’ behaviour, which is really important. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, meaning staff adapted to it quickly.”


The benefits

Liam House has seen benefits to using an online system, such as saving time on paperwork and improving consistency. As a small care home, they don’t have lots of storage space for files, so moving a lot of the paperwork online makes things easier for the team.

Laura Jane says:

“Moving to online care software has transformed things for us. It benefits the business, our staff and most importantly, our clients. I’d wish we’d done it sooner!”


Lessons learnt

  • The benefits to introducing this technology outweigh any reasons not to and you’ll reap the benefits in time.
  • Spend time looking at different technology to see what will best suit your organisation.



The core version of Log my Care is free. Additional add-ons are available from £30 plus VAT a month.


For more information

Further information about Liam House is available on their website www.liamhousebournemouth.co.uk

To find out more about Log my Care, visit www.logmycare.co.uk

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