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Granville Court Care Home: NHSX iPads taking the paperwork out of care planning

Granville Court Care Home: NHSX iPads taking the paperwork out of care planning

In Winter 2020, NHSX gifted 11,000 iPads to care homes to help residents connect with loved ones remotely and receive ongoing care through access to video consultations with health and care professionals.

Since receiving their iPads, care homes have been discovering the wide range of other benefits including online games and activities for residents, quick access to NHSmail and Microsoft Teams, and online medication ordering via proxy access.

In several care homes, care planning and care management is also being transformed with the help of an iPad-enabled digital approach. 


As part of the adult social care COVID-19 winter plan 2020 to 2021, care homes were invited to apply and meet an eligibility criteria for a free iPad.

The iPads are helping staff in care homes to support residents by:

  • holding video consultations with health and care professionals
  • connecting care home residents with loved ones remotely
  • getting direct access to any other tools or systems needed to support the care of residents
  • using NHSmail – a secure NHS internal email service

The iPads were provided with a data-enabled SIM card, free of charge for 12 months, meaning care homes could use the device even if they did not have access to a stable WiFi connection throughout their building. Mobile device management software for security and troubleshooting was also included for 12 months, allowing NHSX to make key updates to the iPads to improve usability and experience for homes.

Care home staff also had access to a wide range of support resources to help with the iPad set up, including webinars, ‘how to’ guides and a technical support helpline.

The iPads arrived with many apps and bookmarks pre-installed, including the NHSmail login page, Microsoft Teams, Capacity Tracker and a ‘virtual visits’ app, so residents could easily connect virtually with their relatives.

Care home staff could also download any other apps needed from a Self Service portal or the Apple app store.

Resident activities and care planning

One of the care homes that benefited from an NHSX iPad was Granville Court Care Home in Maryport, Cumbria.

Granville Court is a 12-bedroom family-run residential care home, which specialises in care for older people and those living with dementia. The staff found multiple uses for the iPads from video calls and note-taking using care planning software, to games and activities for residents.

An image of a smiling woman holding an iPad. The iPad has an image from 'A Christmas Carol' from the live streaming of the Old Vic Theatre performance in December 2020

A Granville Court resident enjoying ‘A Christmas Carol’, live from the Old Vic Theatre in December 2020

Rachell Fee, Registered Manager at Granville Court told us:

“The set-up of the iPad was really easy and it came with a lot of useful apps already downloaded.

“I spent a bit of time going through the apps which were available and I found a couple of digital note recording apps. Since getting the iPad we’ve moved from paper to digital notes using the Log my Care app.

“The app is free and means we’ve cut down on the cost of stationary and paper usage, and the staff have found it really beneficial.

“The residents also like the games on the iPad, the memory games are great for people with dementia.”

Care planning apps such as Log my Care allows staff to easily log the care they provide and quickly check residents’ health trends and information. This paperless approach to care planning helps to reduce admin, allowing staff more time to concentrate on other tasks.

The Log my Care app used by Granville Court is available in both the iOS and Android app stores. For care homes with iPads gifted by NHSX, support for downloading apps can be found on our iPad support pages. Ideas for resident games and activities can also be found on the iPad ‘top tips’ pages.


Care home applications for a free iPad via the NHSX website are now closed, however iPads can be bought directly from Apple UK.

The core version of the care planning app Log my Care is free, with additional add-ons available for a monthly subscription. Information about alternative care planning software options, such as the Mobile Care Monitoring app by Person Centred Software, can be found in other Digital Social Care success stories.

For more information

Further information about Granville Court Care Home is available on their website.




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