Aldbourne Nursing Home: care information all in one place

Aldbourne Nursing Home: care information all in one place

Care plans and accurate notes are essential for every person receiving care but writing them up by hand can be time-consuming.

Aldbourne Nursing Home, a 41-bed home near Marlborough, Wiltshire, recently moved to a digital system.

They tell us why moving online has helped save time, improved reporting and enhanced individual care.


Keeping paperwork and evidence of care up to date can be a daunting task. With increasing levels of documentation being needed for the nursing home, staff at Aldbourne decided to look at a digital solution to monitor and plan care.

Helen Peach, registered manager at Aldbourne Nursing Home, explains: “Paperwork was gradually taking more and more time. We were keen to find a way to monitor effectively, but in a way which meant staff could still spend quality time with residents.”

Three different online platforms were researched before deciding on Sekoia, a digital care planning solution. It allows you to record the day-to-day care of the resident electronically, keeping documentation such as care plans and notes all in one place.

How it works

Care workers access the software from an app on a handheld device. Each staff member has a personal ID to log into the simple app.

Daily care can be logged as it’s delivered, such as fluid and food intake, personal care and any activities. Tasks can be ticked as they are completed, and notes added as necessary. It’s also quick to make registrations such as mood, behaviour and sleeping pattern.

Staff can specify exactly how a task should be completed for that individual, meaning care is always consistent. Tasks can also be filtered based on staff members roles and responsibilities.

Care planning all in one place

Care plans are stored electronically on the system, allowing them to be read on the go via the same app.

Helen says: “We don’t have to search through paperwork anymore for residents’ care plans. All staff can easily access them. It details everything about the individual, their history and their interests and habits; allowing us to tailor care to the individual.”

With all staff having access to the information, a common understanding about each resident can be formed. Photos and videos can also be uploaded, such as how a resident likes to be lifted.

Individual notes, assessments and policies can be linked directly to residents’ care plans. You can also upload information, such as important emails, straight into a resident’s record.

All information can then be pulled off the system for detailed reporting and can help track the wellbeing of residents over time.


Helen explains: “It’s much easier for staff to document as they go, saving valuable time. It makes compliance and accurate reporting straightforward. I feel that it really helps to individualise care for our residents which is so important.”

Advice for other providers
  • Do your research to find a digital solution that matches your needs
  • There are bound to be teething problems, but work closely with your tech company who are there to support you
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new, the process will be much smoother than you think.
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