Software suppliers partner to offer domiciliary care providers additional support

Software suppliers partner to offer domiciliary care providers additional support

Domiciliary care management software provider, OnePlan, is working together with personal monitoring and alert system, Karantis360.

This means that vulnerable people released into a care setting can be continuously monitored for health deterioration and carers can be alerted if something goes wrong.

Karantis360 uses sensors to monitor people’s daily activities and learns that person’s behaviour.

For example, if someone falls in their home and is unable to get up, the technology can recognise something is wrong. An alert is immediately sent out, rather than waiting until the carer’s next appointment.

The partnership also supports the wellbeing of care staff as they have immediate access to information relevant to each visit. Instead of walking into the unknown, the insight from the OnePlan electronic care system can help each carer prepare for every visit ahead of time. It provides data and information on the individual and their needs.

Currently, there is an urgency to improve the government’s ‘discharge to assess model’ after a report by Healthwatch and the British Red Cross found that many individuals have been left with unmet care needs following discharge from hospital into the community.

Sue Newsome, CEO of OnePlan, said: “The pressure on domiciliary care workers has never been greater; demands on their time, their efficiency, and even pressures from a budgetary perspective continue to increase. OnePlan’s partnership with Karantis360 means that we’re able to solve some of these challenges either by providing better scope to the services that domiciliary care providers deliver, or by making processes more flexible, agile, and automated.”

Helen Dempster, Founder, Karantis360, adds: “Ensuring that no individual is left with unmet care needs is at the heart of both Karantis360’s and OnePlan’s solutions. The ability to harness data in a way that can empower a caregiver to make more informed health decisions for their client is invaluable, and the opportunity to further utilise the data for the wider healthcare ecosystem is the way to transform the social care sector.”


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