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You can use different applications on the iPads to set up video calls for residents’ relatives. Guided access should be used so that calls are not accidentally disconnected (see page 8 of the Jigsaw24 ‘Getting Started with Your iPad Guidance’, also available via the Books App on the iPad).


Virtual Visits

You can find the Virtual Visits app pre-loaded on the iPad home screen. Please follow the instructions on page 9 of the Jigsaw24 ‘Getting Started with Your iPad Guidance’, to set up calls using this app.


Other video calling apps available for download

Apps including Google Meet, Skype and Zoom can all be downloaded from the iPad Self Service (without an Apple ID) or Apple App Store (with an Apple ID).

WhatsApp video calling is not available on iPads, as this app is only designed for smartphones. However, WhatsApp web (for messages only) can be accessed through the iPad internet browser, Safari.



  1. To use Facetime for video calls to other Apple devices, you will first need to set up an Apple ID for your care home. See: NHSX security guide; How to create an Apple ID; What is an Apple ID
  2. Turn on Facetime in your Settings, and sign in with your care home’s Apple ID.
  3. In the FaceTime app, tap the ‘plus’ button and enter the email address of the person you want to call (this will need to be the email address associated with the Apple ID for their Apple device).
  4. Tap the email address, then tap Audio or Video to start the call.

See also: Use FaceTime with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

 Please note, the iPads have a data-SIM included, not a SIM with a mobile phone number attached. As such, please use Apple ID email addresses – not telephone numbers – to set up Facetime calls.