To help care homes in England to provide remote care to residents, NHSX is gifting up to 11,000 iPads to care homes. It’s part of a package of support for a range of care providers.

The iPads have been allocated to CQC-registered care homes in England, whose completed applications demonstrated they met the eligibility criteria and had the greatest need for support due to a lack of access to tablet devices able to support remote consultations.

We ran weekly support webinars for help on how to use them until 31st March 2021. There is a recording of the most recent webinar below.


How the iPad will benefit your care home and your residents

Your staff can use the iPads to easily access important services and information, and to support residents to connect with family and friends and receive health and care remotely. Each iPad will be supplied with a protective, cleanable case, a 12-month support package (including mobile device management) plus a 12-month SIM data package.

Using the iPads you can:

  • hold video consultations with health and social care professionals, and organise face-to-face appointments
  • connect residents with loved ones remotely
  • reorder medications for residents and access information held in their GP record
  • use NHSmail (a secure NHS internal email service)
  • use other applications and tools that will help to support the care of your residents.

In this case study, care homes in Herefordshire and Worcestershire share how staff have used iPads to support residents’ health and wellbeing.


Use and responsibilities

 The care home is responsible for managing all data stored on the iPads. Managers and staff must take appropriate steps to protect their staff and residents’ personal data.

For information about use, ownership and data security on the iPads please read the terms of use and security guide.

Further advice for care homes and care providers on using digital technology, including guidance on meeting Data Security and Protection Toolkit requirements can be found here. If you are a care home, please ensure you have registered on the DSPT Portal (if you have not already done so) and are working towards completing the DSPT by 30 June 2021. There is support available to help you with this as part of the Better Security, Better Care programme.


Staff support to use the iPads

The iPads will arrive ready to use straight out of the box. Clear instructions will tell you how to connect the iPads to WiFi (where applicable), select a secure passcode and use the pre-loaded applications. You will also be able to download the additional applications you need.

Staff will also be able to access the dedicated support helpline and service desk using the service desk link on the iPad home page. Support will be provided by Jigsaw24.

We will publish further guidance and resources to help you to set up the iPads and to get the most benefit from the device, plus details of upcoming troubleshooting webinars. Register here to receive alerts whenever new support and guidance is published: Newsletter Signup

You can download the slides for the webinar here:

Internet packages to improve your connectivity

NHSX and NHS Digital have brought together a range of internet deals and packages developed for care providers. Access to reliable and adequate internet connectivity will help you to use technologies such as your iPads more effectively and support communication with health and social care organisations,


Where can I get more information about the NHSX iPads?

More information, including answers to frequently asked questions, is on the NHSX website.


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