As part of our Data & Cyber Security projects, we worked with Manor Community, North Yorkshire County Council and Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Care Association to look at how care providers can use mobile devices safely. We have developed these materials to help you make decisions on how to use mobile devices in your business.

Notes on this Guidance

Who is it for?

This guidance is aimed at all social care providers. This includes home care, residential care and supported living organisations with a focus on small and medium social care providers.

What devices does it cover?

Mainly smartphone or mobile device use in care. We have written it with smartphones in mind, but there are similar devices that this information will cover. Tablets (iPads etc.) will have similar technical and safety concerns and even some laptops could be used in the ways we will describe. We won’t cover all the details of ongoing maintenance. We cover information on how to protect each device with passwords, how to keep their software securely updated and how to back things up elsewhere on this site. Please remember that each device is different, and you should feel confident in how they are used safely before committing to them for your organisation.

What next?

This guide will introduce the three main ways that you could quickly start using smartphones in your organisation. It will break down the different options so that you can make an informed decision about how exactly you think they should be used –  based on what you need and what level of safety you can assure based on your capacity and resources. This is to help you make the decision, you can then follow up with a range of other guides that walk you through more specific steps of installation and training.