If you are a provider of home care or other care across multiple locations then you will probably not be able to rely on fixed-line broadband. Choosing the correct mobile internet connectivity ensures you and those you care for can take advantage of the many benefits of digital transformation in this sector.

If you are a provider of residential care, we recommend all care homes upgrade to a suitable fixed-line (using physical cables) broadband connection where this is available and not installed, as these offer the most reliable connectivity. Visit our quick guide to care home broadband to find out more about this, if you haven’t already done so.

However, if a suitable fixed-line broadband connection isn’t currently available at your care home’s location, then mobile internet – an internet connection using a mobile network – could offer an alternative for you. If mobile data coverage is poor at your location too, then satellite broadband may be worth looking into as a last resort.

Mobile internet connections, like 5G, can be helpful backup systems if you rely on fixed-line broadband internet. When considering your connectivity needs, you may want to consider mobile internet back-up services for some or all staff. See our guide to creating and testing a business continuity plan for more details.