Once you have decided whether a mobile phone hotspot, ‘MiFi’ (Mobile Wi-Fi) or 4G router option is best for your needs, and confirmed whether any of the mobile networks offer suitable coverage at your location, the next step is to choose a provider and contract.

Go to the websites of each supplier that provides coverage of your location to compare their offers or use an online comparison tool to also include ‘virtual networks’ – additional mobile providers whose services run on the main mobile networks.  The mobile providers may also have their own coverage checker tool as well as offer free cancellation or money back if you get a mobile data SIM or router and it doesn’t get the connection you expected.

When it comes to choosing a contract, cheapest isn’t always best – you should look for packages with unlimited data, as otherwise you may be charged extra or have your internet speed reduced if you exceed your limit. Also, check that ‘unlimited data’ does actually mean ‘unlimited’ data in the contract terms – some providers may cap speeds once a certain data limit has been exceeded. Other things to compare between providers are upload and download speeds. Different contract lengths are available depending on the flexibility that would suit your needs – shorter contracts can be more expensive per month.