You can find out the choice of internet providers available for your care home’s address by entering the postcode using this internet tool. As well as broadband from BT, you’ll find other suppliers in your area under the ‘FTTC’, ‘LLU’ and ‘Cable’ tabs.

It may be worth contacting your local authority to see if they have negotiated any special internet deals for care homes in your area.

Go to the websites of each supplier to compare their offers or use an online comparison tool. Cheapest isn’t always best – look for packages with unlimited data, as otherwise you may be charged extra or have your internet speed reduced if you exceed your limit. You may also want to consider the customer satisfaction scores of suppliers along with the minimum and average speeds each deal provides.

Upgrading to ‘ultrafast’ (FTTP) broadband usually requires a visit from an engineer, to connect the right kind of cable into your premises.

Mobile internet connections, like 5G, can be helpful backup systems if you rely on fixed-line broadband internet. When considering your connectivity needs, you may want to consider mobile internet back-up services for some or all staff. See our quick guide to mobile and satellite internet for care providers and guide to creating and testing a business continuity plan for more details.

If you have external IT support, sometimes called a Managed Service Provider, you can speak to them about this.