DPS Listing Information

Supplier: CareVision

Date: 09/12/21

Updated: 15/07/22

1. CareVision

CareVision is a cloud-based Care Management system designed by care providers for care providers. The many types of tasks and departments that share space under your one roof should also share one integrated system.

CareVision was born out of the challenges of running a care home. With our Icon Focussed Technology, CareVison provides the necessary tools to evidence care, in an efficient yet Person Led way.

  • Less Admin, More Caring

With CareVision’s advanced Handheld technology, Carers, Nurses, and Seniors can make intelligent and Person Led care notes with ease and simplicity.

  • CareVision for Everyone

Simple and user friendly for people of all abilities. Flexible in use but intelligent in capturing detail. On a 12-hour shift, a carer can save up to 60-90 minutes per shift by using CareVison handheld device.

  • Outstanding Care is at the Heart of Everything We Do

With Care Visions intelligent reporting algorithms, Managers can have more in-depth analytical reports.

Running care services is not just about care, there is a whole spectrum of different elements that create the unique operational landscape. The digital care management system should adapt to the way you run your service, not the other way around.

Having integration between these elements is fundamental to the digital road map, allowing providers to meet their demands today and in the future in the most flexible and cost-effective way possible.

From EMAR, Rota, Resident App, Visitors Tablet to Nurse Call integration and many more, we can support all your needs. You don’t want to just consider, one stop along the way, you need to consider the whole digital journey.

CareVision is always adding new features to improve the experience of Care Managers, Nurses, and Carers. The system can adapt in a flexible way to a variety of care settings. Our clients are our best developers, that’s how important our client’s feedback is to us.

CareVision helps providers move beyond simply created digital care plans and task management creating an ecosystem of your care service where one element feeds into another.

Care Vision’s interactions includes flexible and intelligent interactions with various accessibility features such as QR codes, speech to text and translation, making it an excellent tool for the modern, 21st century Carer.


2. Key Product Capabilities

Support Care Plan and Advanced Care Planning

  • Generates Care Plans from date of admission
  • Intelligent and Person Led Care Plan Engine
  • Care Plans are Contextual and Tailored to the Individual
  • As a result, this helps the Home Manager admit the Resident in the most effective and Person-Led way, ensuring that Care Plans and mandatory Assessments are completed from date of admission
  • Care Plan linkage with Risk, Scored & MCA

Care Interactions and Care Routines

  • Including Respect, NEWS2, Restore, End of life Care & more
  • Food Consistency & S.A.L.T. Levels
  • Multiple Language Translate and Speech-to-text
  • Interactive body maps


  • Handover Read Receipts and Prompts saving a snapshot of what was discussed at the time

Hospital Transfer Form

  • Easily generate Hospital Transfer form in a few clicks, providing all Essential Information for Hospital Admission. Works with Red Bag scheme.

Follow Ups

  • Powerful reminder & Notification engine
  • Auto Generated following Head Injury & Post Falls
  • A & I with Manager sign off, Lessons Learned & Follow Ups

Feedback and Survey

  • Collates Quality Assurance Data to build Analysis for areas of Improvement.
  • Create Custom Surveys

Audit Builder and Reports

  • Audit Templates and ability to create Custom Audits

Event Reporting

  • This module has great flexibility and can be used in several areas ranging from investigations, root cause analysis and complaints.

Directors Analytics

  • Overview across care home group
  • Comprehensive set of Analytics and Customised Reporting Tool


3. Additional Product Capabilities


  • Simple and easy to use EMAR interface. Linking with Multiple Pharmacy partners
  • It Reduces Medication Errors and contains numerous Reporting Features

Visitors Book

  • Fully paperless, GDPR compliant
  • Deal with Visitor and Contractor Vaccination status with NHS app


  • Use our Clocking-In Machine to accurately Record Attendance.
  • Staff App
  • Export Payroll File to Accounts Package


  • Create Contracts and set up Recurring Invoice
  • Keep track of Outstanding Balances

Admin/ HR

  • Manage all Service User Enquiries
  • Electronic Filing Cabinet Storage
  • Offline Mode
  • Training Matrix
  • Policies & procedures with Read Receipts
  • Meetings and Minutes
  • Dedicated account manager

Family App

  • Save on valuable admin time updating families

Housekeeping, Maintenance and Laundry staff

  • App & Module to keep team members connected
  • Cleaning Schedules, Prompts & Reminders


  • Menu System
  • Likes/ Dislikes and Allergies

Please note that these additional functionalities have not been assured by NHS Transformation Directorate as they are beyond the current scope of the DSCR DPS. This information has been included to provide buyers with a full view of the supplier solution.


4. Care Settings where this solution is used
  • Extra Care Services
  • Supported Living Services
  • Care homes without Nursing
  • Care homes with Nursing


5. Contact Information



0208 768 9809