The Digitising Social Care Records Programme at NHSX has launched an Assured Supplier List to support adult social care providers in England to buy from an assured list of digital social care record solutions.

A Digital Social Care Record (DSCR) allows the digital recording of care information and care received by an individual, within a social care setting, replacing traditional paper records. DSCRs are person-centred and enable information to be shared securely and in real-time with authorised individuals across the health and care sector.

The Digitising Social Care Records Programme is aiming for all CQC-registered adult social care providers to have access to a digital social care record that can interoperate with a local Shared Care Record by 2024. These records will play an important role in joining up care across social care and the NHS, freeing up time spent by care workers and managers on administrative tasks whilst equipping them with the information they need to deliver care. They are the platform on which other remote care tools can integrate and can enable the greater personalisation of care planning that focuses on the individual.

The assured supplier list enables quicker, easier and more informed purchasing processes for social care providers and other organisations. It is managed by NHSX, who provide expert advice and guidance to social care providers. The assured supplier list was commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care.

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Assured Supplier List date and duration

April 2021 to November 2024.

The assured supplier list is a live process and suppliers can apply or withdraw throughout the assured supplier list term.