Project Summary – NHSmail Comms Toolkit.

We have been working in partnership with multiple organisations to support care providers with adopting NHSmail. Our partners are NHS Digital, NHS England / Improvement, Accenture, and NHSx. We developed this toolkit to support safe email communication across health and social care.

The information on this page can be used by individual care providers, care associations or local commissioning teams who are running implementation projects for NHSmail. For more information on the development of this Toolkit, please see our NHSmail Comms Strategy.

If you would like to discuss the materials here, please contact:

Tools to encourage people to adopt NHSmail

The following templates are fully editable. They can be used to raise awareness of NHSmail and its benefits to encourage people to use NHSmail.

This video may be useful to encourage people to take up NHSmail.

Videos about the Data Security and Protection Toolkit and NHSmail
Tools to let people know you have NHSmail

Once you have got NHSmail, you should let people know! These templates can help you get the word out.

Tools for Comms and Branding Teams

If you work in Comms or Branding, the following tools may be of use for you when planning your engagement.

Tools to help with registering and using NHSmail.

We have also developed tools to help people registering for NHSmail and using the system. These can be found on our NHSmail page.

If you would like to run a workshop to help providers with NHSmail or the Data Security and Protection Toolkit, we have materials available on our training page.