We have set up a helpline for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis. Call us on 0208 133 3430 (Mon-Fri 9-5) or email [email protected] for free support.

During Covid-19, the requirement to complete Entry Level on the Data Security and Protection Toolkit before accessing NHSmail has been temporarily waived. There is a new, fast track registration process for applying for NHSmail accounts. 

NHSmail is a free, secure email system which is available to all providers in England[1] who have achieved Entry Level on the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

The Benefits of NHSmail

A list of the benefits of using NHSmail

This all contributes to safe and high quality care for those we support.

There are case studies on the use of NHSmail linked at the bottom of this page.

Access to NHSmail

There are 4 possible routes to NHSmail:-

1. Self-Management (Top Down)
  • Suitable for large organisations, i.e. those that have their own IT function, and have the expertise and technological proficiency to carry out the local administrator role
  • Organisations manage the accounts themselves – starters, leavers, password resets etc.
  • Organisations can integrate NHSmail with their own IT and HR procedures
  • The default account allowance is up to 10 user accounts and 1 shared mailbox per site
  • Register using the self-management application form. This is completed at HQ level, sites are later added as ‘organisation units’
2. National Administration Service (NAS) Portal (Decentralised)
  • The main route for small providers, administrative support is provided centrally
  • Register via the online self-service portal – usually completed by a care site.
  • Nationally administrated, no administrators are required within the social care organisation.
  • Dedicated admin support managed via Accenture helpdesk – [email protected]
  • Generally, the shared mailbox owner for each site manages joiners and leavers. Other responsibilities are detailed in the guide
  • Bulk upload facility is available, however there could be a long lead time if large numbers of accounts are required
  • May be complicated if the organisation structure is not reflected correctly in the ODS code HQ/site hierarchy (as often seems to be the case)
  • The default account allowance is up to 10 named user accounts and 1 shared mailbox per site
  • Naming convention for shared mailbox – [email protected] (this is being revisited to look at other simpler naming solutions).
  • CQC Registered Services only
3. Local Sponsorship.
  • Historically this was the only route. Some accounts are already in place, these can be transferred to the National Administration Service
  • For care providers who have access to a local NHS trust, clinical commissioning group or commissioning support unit who are willing to sponsor them to join NHSmail. The local sponsor would be required to provide guidance for care providers on joining NHSmail.
  • Not normally a viable option for new accounts as local commissioners unlikely to support.
4. Third Party route (For Non CQC Registered Services)
  • Separate Application Route – Third Party Process and application form
  • Must be providing or supporting publicly funded health and social care.
  • The NHSmail team will evaluate eligibility
  • Default is up to 50 accounts per organisation

If you would like more information on how to register for NHSmail, please contact us: https://www.digitalsocialcare.co.uk/contact-us/

[1] Services provided in Wales and Northern Ireland are not eligible for NHSmail. For Scotland, there is a separate application process with different eligibility criteria.