NHS Digital’s Social Care Programme – an overview

NHS Digital’s Social Care Programme – an overview

NHS Digital’s Social Care Programme ran from April 2016 to March 2021 and funded over 100 projects with a total investment of £22.8 million. The funded projects predicted a lifetime benefit of £103.2 million on completion.

NHS Digital have recently updated their public-facing information on the outputs of the Social Care Programme. Over the 5-year lifespan of the programme, NHS Digital worked collaboratively with Local Authorities and Care Providers on a broad range of digital pilots and initiatives. This included funding Digital Social Care and the National Care Forum’s Hubble Project.

NHS Digital released 3 waves of funding over the programme lifetime:

  • Social Care Digital Innovation Programme 2019-21 (12 projects were funded for a discovery phase and 6 of these projects were subsequently funded to implement their solutions)
  • Social Care Digital Pathfinders 2019-21 (26 projects were funded for the development phase and 16 of these projects were provided funding to scale up implementation)
  • Social care Digital Innovation Accelerator (SDCIA) – these projects were launched from 2019 and provided over £500,000 to encourage co-funding and collaboration between councils on new digital projects of common interest to them and the wider adult social care sector

There are a wide range of outputs from this programme that have seen a positive impact on not only social care but also health and care integration more broadly. A particular success is the development of care provider interoperability standards in collaboration with the Professional Records Standards Body, HfT, Leicestershire and Rutland County Councils (LLR), South Gloucestershire Council, Sutton Council. These new standards support the better transfer of data as people move between health and care settings.

With over 100 projects now completed, each with an evaluation report and case studies, it is worth visiting the Social Care Programme webpage to find out more. If you would like to see which projects happened in your area, you can visit NHS Digital’s interactive map.

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