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New initiative to support providers to showcase their infection control policies

New initiative to support providers to showcase their infection control policies

Restricted visiting arrangements in residential care has not only been a key challenge for residents, relatives and providers during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also for prospective residents.

Now the elderly social care directory, Autumna, has introduced a new infection control badge for providers to help families who are choosing care for their loved ones.

The S.A.F.E initiative (Symptom Assessment For Everyone) helps care providers to demonstrate exactly what their infection, prevention and control (IPC) procedures are. It shows where providers go beyond government guidelines.

Autumna is the largest directory of social care providers in the UK, with a focus on supporting self-funding families to find the right care for their relative.

Debbie Harris, Autumna’s Managing Director, said: “Our advice line has taken a significant increase in enquiries from families looking for care who want to know about provider’s infection control. The S.A.F.E initiative shines a positive light on the outstanding compliance performance and world-class skillset of staff around infection control in thousands of care homes throughout the UK. It gives peace of mind to families and their relatives.”

Families can search for the S.A.F.E badge which appears on the premium profiles on Autumna and also the providers own website.

Providers supply information about their IPC policies in the form of a tick-box checklist. The areas covered include the use of air filtration and purification devices, sterilisation and disinfection equipment, contact tracing and virus testing, plus the implementation of extra staff training.

Anita Astle MBE, Managing Director of Wren Hall Nursing Home, said “I think this is a brilliant initiative and will really help providers to explain how they are keeping residents and staff safe.”

Autumna has also introduced a searchable Safe Visiting Spaces tab which allows care providers to detail the facilities they have put in place to ensure visits from relatives are able to continue.

To find out more about the Autumna platform and the S.A.F.E initiative, visit www.autumna.co.uk/promoting-infection-control


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