New digital pathway to support emergency hospital admissions from care homes

New digital pathway to support emergency hospital admissions from care homes

The eRedBag is the digital version of the paper documents included in the Red Bag. The Health Innovation Network has published resources to support those interested in implementing the eRedBag Pathway in their locality.

The urgent referral from care home to hospital standard is the information required for the care and support of a person when they are admitted to hospital from a care home in an emergency. The standard was published by the Professional Record Standards Body in November 2020. The eRedBag pathway was used to develop this standard and is now being used in practice in South West London.

Moving from a care home to a hospital in an emergency can be stressful. The eRedBag Pathway helps improve the experience and quality of care that care home residents going into hospital receive. This includes easily accessible electronic data about the health and social care status of the resident.

Evidence suggests multiple benefits including improved experiences of people receiving care and staff experience, better digital security, shorter length of stay in hospital, as well as significant long-term system savings.

It will continue to be rolled out in care homes across South West London and lessons learnt incorporated into the guidance.

“For the care home staff, especially the nurses, when you are dealing with an emergency situation, extra work is the last thing you want to do. With the eRedBag system, there are only a few specific bits of information we need to add, the vital signs for example, and the reason for the hospital transfer. We just press [the button] and the eRedBag goes straight to the hospital. It saves us time because there is far less administration involved and the hospital now no longer calls us for information because it’s all there in the eRedBag.” – Care home manager.

You can find out more about this project on the Health Innovation Network website or by contacting the eRedBag Team in South West London CCG: [email protected]

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