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New digital glossary launched to help make sense of technical terms

New digital glossary launched to help make sense of technical terms

A new digital glossary has been launched to help staff and providers navigate technical terms.

We’ve introduced the Digital Signposting Glossary in response to those who’ve asked for more support to better understand the technical terminology that we all encounter in our everyday work.

The easy-to-use glossary contains hundreds of terms with short explanations about each entry. For example, you can learn what the terms artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and telecare mean.

Many of the entries contain hyperlinks to signpost to other reliable information where you can find out more detail.

Whether you are new to using digital in your work or a seasoned adopter of tech, you’ll find information to help.

Developed in partnership with Keith Strahan, Principal Clinical Lead of the Social Care Programme at NHS Digital, the glossary forms part of our commitment to support all those in social care to use technology.

Katie Thorn, Project Lead at Digital Social Care, said: “We all come across terms that can be confusing when we’re talking about technology. It’s vital that we all embrace the benefits that technology brings to our work and our glossary aims to demystify the words you’ll often encounter. It’s an accessible way to find out more and we’d encourage everyone to use it to support their work.”

Digital Social Care's Glossary

We’ll be updating the glossary each month to include more terms and welcome your suggestions about new additions or ideas to improve it. Please email [email protected] to get in touch with us.

You can start using the glossary.

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