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Majority of care home providers in England now using Capacity Tracker

Majority of care home providers in England now using Capacity Tracker

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The Capacity Tracker is now being used by 99% of care home providers in England to help support data collection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 The tracker was introduced by the NHS and Department for Health and Social Care last year initially to help care home staff share available capacity and vacancy information in real time to support effective discharges from hospital.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the tracker has been extended and is now collecting additional information, such as admissions status, workforce and PPE requirements and infection rates and will shortly also include data to help track and support recovery from outbreaks..

The aim is to have all the data in one place, as up-to-date as possible so that local authorities, CCGs and other local bodies will receive the same data. It’s hoped that the portal will mean providers won’t have multiple requests to provide the same or very similar information

This data will help build a picture of what care home providers are experiencing and ensure that resources are targeted most effectively where they are needed most. Updating the Tracker is really simple and takes no more than two minutes each day to update, even less if there’s no change and it’s accessible 24/7 from any device connected to the internet.

The team behind the Capacity Tracker are also producing regular email bulletins to provide updates and guidance to providers.

The email bulletins are filled with useful information to help during the pandemic, including the latest guidance on how to protect residents and staff, admissions guidance, and advice on bed capacity. The bulletins also highlight where you can find webinars and other useful information.

Care homes can register as many people as they want by clicking here.

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