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Looking for feedback: an update on our February Event

Looking for feedback: an update on our February Event

We are looking for feedback on our write up of the event we co-hosted with NHS Digital in February. The document is available here for review: Leeds Event Write Up_ March 2020

On 4th February 2020, NHS Digital and Digital Social Care held a workshop to look at the core capabilities of care planning software systems. This was a collaborative event between care providers and software suppliers. We have written up what was discussed and agreed at this event.

The focus of the work is to consider what information sets and functionality a care planning software system would need as a minimum. This does not necessarily mean that all data items or functionality would be required for all care settings.

We would value any feedback and comments on this document by 12pm Friday 20th March. Feedback is welcome from both those who attended the event and those who could not attend. Feedback could include

  • Comments on the high-level categories outlined in the document
  • Any additional information or data which you think would need to be in any of these categories
  • The placement of data into “Must have”, “Should have”, or “May have”
  • Questions or concerns about the approach

Please can you send any feedback you have to [email protected]. If you would prefer to provide feedback on the phone, please contact Katie and she will be in touch to arrange a time for a follow-up call.


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