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What is an ODS code?

An ODS code (also called an Organisation code) is a unique code created by the Organisation Data Service within NHS Digital, and used to identify organisations across health and social care. ODS codes are required in order to gain access to national systems like NHSmail and the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

Does my organisation have an ODS code?

All CQC Registered Adult Social Care Providers will have at least 2 codes.

  • An HQ code or “parent” code. This is 4 digits and normally starts with an A or C, i.e. A*** or C***.
  • One or more site or “child” codes. This is 5 digits and normally starts with V, i.e. V****. Each site code belongs to a single HQ code

Some organisations, particularly those that provide a wide range of services may also have additional ODS codes such as those for non-NHS organisations, e.g. 8***** etc.

How to find your ODS codes

If you do not know your ODS codes you can look them up at https://odsportal.hscic.gov.uk/Organisation/Search  or contact the NHS Digital helpdesk at [email protected] to request for them to be sent to you.

What happens if there is an issue with your code?

ODS uses CQC data to create organisation codes. If a code has been allocated but there is an issue with the data held by ODS, this means that CQC also have incorrect data. Your code and associated information, such as name and address, can only be changed by CQC. If you contact CQC and change your data, this will then flow to ODS and be published as part of the social care files used across the NHS.

If you are not CQC registered, you will need to contact the ODS team through [email protected] and ask for a code to be created.