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In-home sensors being piloted by two councils to improve safety

In-home sensors being piloted by two councils to improve safety

Sutton and Richmond Councils are piloting smart in-home sensors to improve the safety of vulnerable residents living in social housing.

The technology unobtrusively monitors residents and their activity levels. The smart in-home sensors provides automated, real-time information about how active an individual is in their own home.

If there are any changes to their normal activity, the system alerts carers.

Instead of waiting for the next scheduled visit or relying on the resident making contact, any issue can be responded to straight away.

No visual or audio recording takes place, and no personal data is collected. This ensures total privacy for the resident in their home.

The Councils, as part of the InnOvaTe project, together with IoT Solutions Group, are piloting 200 of these in-home sensors.

Steve Tucker, Managing Director of Sutton Housing Partnership, said: “This is great news for our residents, and we are pleased to be working with Sutton Council to support social care provision and enhance independent living in the borough. The pilot will make a real difference to the lives of older residents most in need.”

Councillor Robin Brown, Lead Member for Finance and Resources at Richmond Council, said: “Richmond Council’s digital strategy is all about benefiting residents through practical uses of new technology. This project is a great example – improving the care that we offer at the same time as helping our service to be more efficient, keeping costs down.”

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