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Do you have an interest in how artificial intelligence could help the future of social care?

Do you have an interest in how artificial intelligence could help the future of social care?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing area in health and social care. It can analyse large quantities of complex information and learn and make decisions for itself.

You’ll be used to using AI in everyday technology like spellcheck. It’s already being used in social care such as facial analysis technology to identify pain and robotic pet therapy.

As it’s a vital part of social care’s future, the NHS Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) was set up to bring government, health and care providers, academics and technology companies together. The idea is to harness the benefits and use AI safely and ethically at scale.

Now the NHS AI Lab has set up a new AI Virtual Hub and they are looking for social care providers to join.

The hub is a space for collaboration and shared expertise. The idea is to accelerate the safe and effective adoption of AI in care and support the most promising technologies that meet the needs of patients and the workforce.

By joining the AI Virtual Hub, members will benefit from:

  • discussion forums to share ideas, challenges and success stories with the AI community
  • the latest updates and developments from the NHS AI Lab team
  • useful AI resources and exclusive virtual events with AI leaders and innovators
  • best practice information and advice on safely developing and implementing AI
  • access the AI Awards in Health and Care webinars and resources.

Providers are encouraged to register their interest by signing up.

If you have questions about implementing technology in your organisation, our helpline is here for you. Call us on 0208 133 3430 (Mon-Fri 9-5) or email [email protected] for free support.

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