We have collaborated with the Institute of Public Care and Skills for Care to develop training for a new role in social care – the Data Security and Protection Lead.

This is the person who takes overall senior responsibility for your data security and protection work. This doesn’t need to fall on the Registered Manager’s shoulders but should be someone who has enough seniority in your organisation that they can fulfil their responsibilities. Elements of this role could be shared between more than one person. For example, in large organisations, there may be one senior person responsible for managing risks and another responsible for information governance.

Skill for Care has developed a job description for this role (This opens a PDF).

The core role of the Data Security and Protection Lead is to champion data security and protection good practice and ensure that it is implemented.

It is important that the lead has good knowledge and skills in data security and protection and the recording below will cover the main skills a Data Security and Protection Lead would need.

If you are looking for additional training there is e-Learning for Healthcare’s Data Security Awareness training.

We also published a short guide to Data Security and Protection: roles and responsibilities. This explains the role of the Data Security and Protection Lead – and how it relates to other potential roles such a Caldicott Guardian, Data Protection Officer and SIRO.