It is likely that you are going to be spending a lot of your time covering shifts, managing sickness and staff who are self-isolating and so managing care staff rotas can be difficult at this time.

Online rota or rostering systems can give you:

  • shift allocation
  • shift swaps
  • staff availability
  • monthly or weekly labour costs
  • delegated permission for anyone you choose to be able to control this.

Shifts can be allocated and sent out to staff via their mobile devices which means you save time and staff have instant access to updates. Shifts can be easily changed and updated online. This allows more flexibility in this ever-changing environment.

Many systems allow you to have “free shifts” which staff can choose to pick up. This may give you greater flexibility in your care staff rotas and allow you to spend less time calling staff to find cover.

Be careful though as some rota systems come as part of larger care planning systems, which take longer to plan for and get up and running. You can search on to find the right rota system for you. You can also look at our list of free technology for social care.

Useful for: allocating shifts, communicating shifts, recording sickness and self-isolation, repurposing staff time.

Equipment Required: At least one computer, laptop or tablet which is connected to the internet. Staff will need to have smartphones.