This is a quick guide on technology which can be of use during Covid-19. It was co-written with Skills for Care.

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We understand that as a social care employer, you may be under pressure like never before during the current Covid-19 outbreak. At this time, finding technology-based solutions will be vital to keeping your service going.

You may not be an employer who uses digital technology much or may be one who does. Whatever your position, we hope this guide will help you.

Some of the solutions suggested may involve sharing equipment such as phones, keyboards, devices. It is imperative to keep these devices clean between users to prevent infection transmission; tips on how to do this can be found here



We have divided this guidance into the following sections:

  • Managing Staff Rotas: using digital solutions for rotating for fast redeployment and managing staff sickness and self-isolation
  • Communicating with each other, with partners and sharing information: using the internet to stay in touch
  • Recruitment: how to navigate web-based recruitment
  • Using volunteers: sourcing volunteers, onboarding, quick ‘induction’
  • Dealing with mental wellbeing: for you and your staff, for people you support, for families and friends
  • Isolation: things that can help.

You can access some basic training about using technology safely which will help you and your staff develop your skills.

You can get ideas about what technology you could use during the Covid-19 pandemic from our list of free technology for social care.