Many technology providers are developing new tools or releasing their products for free to support health and social care providers, staff and people receiving care during the Covid-19 outbreak. We will keep adding to this list as we become aware of new offers.

Digital Social Care have not tested the products listed and have compiled the list on the basis of what our team have found or had referred to us. Some products may have a cost associated when Covid-19 is over.

If you would like to be added to this list please contact us.

Cura offers these secure tools for FREE when you avail our fully-integrated, easy to use care management system to support caregivers deliver better and safer care during and beyond the covid-19 outbreak.

• Cura Kin - mobile care monitoring app that allows designated family members to stay in touch with the home and their loved ones
• Cura Angel - - mobile app to assist care givers in all areas of their administration
• Cura Clock In - mobile app to monitor staff, residents, next-of-kin and visitor’s clock in/out
• Cura‘s Video Meeting Tool - enables you to call family and friends of service users to overcome some part of the loss of physical contact
Netli LogoAward-winning software - FREE to all care providers
• Recruits care workers faster than ever before.
• Posts vacancies straight to and Google Jobs.
• Automatically communicates with applicants so you don't have to.
• 24/7 cloud access for remote working.

Workforce (by Netli) is the award-winning recruitment and HR platform, built just for the care sector.

There has never been a more important time to recruit and deploy staff as quickly as possible, so we are offering all care providers free, unlimited usage of Workforce.

Your entire recruitment process can be automated and setup with full team access in as little as 10 minutes and our support team are available to guide you through getting started.

Get your free and instant access today to make sure your recruitment campaigns don't suffer through the coronavirus crisis.
Care advice for later life

We are offering every registered care provider in the country a free standard listing on Autumna. Autumna is the second largest online register with an advice line supporting families looking for care. At a time when families can’t visit a home and hospital discharge timescales are down to one hour, online visibility and information is crucial for families.

Your free listing includes: photo, contact details, link to your website, CQC and information about the care you offer.
The standard listing will remain free at all times and there are never any referral fees.
We are opening up our Relatives Gateway platform to all UK care homes FREE of charge to help them maintain communication with families during these unprecedented times.

Relatives Gateway allows secure messaging and photos to be shared between care home residents and their families, it will also give carers an efficient way to provide wellbeing updates to concerned loved ones.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England, commended the initiative by saying: “This will help Care Homes maintain isolation, but at the same time, enable people to keep in contact with relatives, friends and loved ones.”
Reducing the number of preventable falls in the ageing population through digital, evidence-based interventions
For existing Sekoia customers only • We've staffed up in our support team, making sure that we can maintain our zero bugs policy
• We are launching new healthcare measurements, including C19 relevant respiratory frequency, temperature and six other types
• We have joined forces with Issac Theophilus to quickly shoot out a C19 Risk Assessment
• We've gathered amounts of relevant material in our support universe that customers can use as video / photo / text instructions in their Sekoia version
At Birdie, our number one priority is ensuring that elderly people can continue to live well, and that the people supporting them are enabled to deliver care safely and efficiently. We know that some of our services can offer immediate relief and value to home care agencies during this crisis, by reducing costs, improving communication and reducing the need for excess contact. That’s why we’ve decided to make some of Birdie’s core services free, until at least June 30th and potentially longer if necessary, to help home care providers to effectively manage the ongoing situation.

Specifically, we are making our eMAR (medication manager), care logs and our family app freely available to any new home care provider that signs up. We know that you need a solution, fast. With remote online set-up and training plus 24/7 online support from our team, it’s easy to implement Birdie in your agency.
The National Care Force connects volunteers with social care providers to support the elderly and vulnerable in need during the coronavirus crisis. Care providers can use this free online platform to find volunteers to help with cooking, child care, driving, running errands and other such assistance, freeing up staff to focus on immediate care.

It is a not-for-profit organisation set up by Florence in response to the virus's impact on frontline social care. The platform is available for use across social care and local authority services.
Simple, clear microlearning delivered straight to care workers’ phones – now free

Guest learners can now register for the CuppaCare app for free. Get 5-minute ‘Sips’ of microlearning on topics including handwashing, hand sanitisers, food hygiene. We will be adding other practical guidance relevant to Covid-19 and homecare work over the coming days. Builds a knowledge base on your phone, and awards digital badges to evidence your learning.
Care homes are being offered free care home management software to help their head office staff access resident and staff records remotely by CoolCare. This offer will last for at least 3 months.

Features include enquiry/occupancy management, resident invoicing and staff records to monitor training, appraisal and relevant pre-start checks.

The offer is available for care homes who do not currently have software provision which enables remote working.
Leecare will provide, Free of Charge, the P5Mycareplan App to all residents/clients of residential, nursing home, supported living, domiciliary and other health support services.

The App is linked to photos staff or residents or clients can upload to share with families, but is also linked to over 400 questions residents or clients can answer regarding their life preferences, goals, feelings and care wishes, which link to a summary care plan, giving residents and clients empowerment and a welcome distraction whilst they add meaningful information to share.

Staff will then be able to really know how residents or clients are experiencing isolation with COVID-19 enforcement. All this data links to an expert clinical, care & lifestyle system which you can access for free for 3 months after which you don’t need to use it – but residents and families and your organisation can have access to the App and that information for a year.

To access this offer, please contact:

GM UK - Temby Nyemba: 01296 847499; 07456 050032
Exec Director EMEA - Neel Augusthy

critiQuie are offering their "WellBeing for staff" solution to all businesses free of charge for a period of three months.

The WellBeing Tool assists employees to voice concerns, give suggestions and request help as an addition to other communication channels organisations already have in place, i.e voice or message services. Businesses can also see all staff concerns, plus will be alerted instantly to any staff requesting assistance.
My Learning Cloud are currently offering 10 elearning courses (including the Care certificate), fully-funded through Skills for Care’s COVID-19: Essential Training Initiative. This is available to any care organisation in England and they can sign up through
As the UK care sector continues to adapt to the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19, myo’s communication platform - connecting residents directly with their families - is as vital now as ever before. Doors to care homes are closing to protect the vulnerable; elderly residents and worried families are facing sustained periods of isolation. myo now offers its mobile app, free of charge, to support care providers, families and residents and ensure crucial one-on-one human connections can remain intact.
AutumnCare has released a set of COVID-19 tools for use by care providers in combatting the virus.

These tools slot into AutumnCare’s clinical management system to aid in monitoring service users and staff against potential COVID-19 symptoms. This is done using charts that can be completed daily and automatically filed into each individual’s personal record.

This COVID-19 toolset is already in use at a number of sites and continues to be rolled out to partner care services.

In addition to providing COVID-19 specific documentation, we are currently offering free access to the AutumnCare family communication portal.

AutumnCare Family allows care staff to share photos, messages, alerts and case notes with family members to keep them connected with their loved one. This also facilitates electronic care plan signing, which is proving invaluable during times of lockdown and no in-person visits. Family members are able to sign remotely and remain informed.
AutumnCare Family is available now on the App Store and Google Play.
Skills for Health bring you a free online resource, as a key worker in the care sector, to learn about coronavirus symptoms, infection prevention, investigation and guidance to support you in your role.

In these unprecedented times, it is clear, now more than ever, the vital part we all must play in putting the most vulnerable first to save lives. In recent news that there is a growing concern about the rapid and under-reported spread of the virus within care homes, we’ve developed this free resource to help key workers meet the needs of their service users.

We are committed to maintaining and providing up to date training for care providers throughout the UK. As developers of the Care Certificate Standards, we understand the unique training needs to develop a sustainable workforce, with everyone's safety, health and well-being in mind.

We are the leading online learning provider for Statutory/Mandatory training for care workers and by working closely with our wide range of experts, we have developed this new, free online COVID-19 resource, which we can now offer to key workers across the care sector. Plus, we provide a complete Care Certificate elearning bundle, aligned to the Care Certificate to help you train existing and new care workers, or those returning to work.

Please, access this valuable resource today and ensure you and your staff are well prepared to recognise and prevent the spread of the virus, and help save the most vulnerable members of the public.
Log my Care has developed a brand new Coronavirus Monitoring Tool and are making it completely FREE to use for all UK-based care providers. The tool allows frontline carers to regularly record the three key warning signs of the virus for their service users: Temperature, Breathing Rate and Noticed Symptoms (e.g. coughing). The data entered via the App flows into a service-level dashboard and automatically flags the warning signs of the virus to admins. Care Providers can sign up for free online and support remotely to get set up.
We are offering our Secure Messaging service to any organisation that needs to stay in touch with isolated vulnerable people, at no cost, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Part of the Care Leavers App, the messaging service is already used by several local authorities to communicate and engage with young people leaving care. All user and message data is encrypted and hosted in a datacenter that meets ISO27001 for information security. The service also supports the sending of files and documents (such as PDF) and images and photos, including those taken with a mobile device, again all encrypted.

The service can be accessed via any internet enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.
RemindMecare (aka ReMe) provides care facilities with unlimited readymade activities, remote family connectivity and a means to easily create their own digital activities. Hospitals, like Kingston Hospital, home care like Bluebirdcare, care homes and assisted living businesses, as well as partners like Sharp, all use ReMe to support their needs. Importantly, remote family can create activities that are bespoke to the person being cared for, such as making music playlists, sharing photos and uploading albums and videos… and, well it’s a long list. ReMe’s great for the grand kids and for carers. At this time more than ever, we need to better know the person that we’re caring for. Finding common interests is simply good for the soul. And ReMe makes this easy with CST’s, reminiscence and Life Story tools. So, since person-centred care is more important now than ever before, we’re giving ReMe away for FREE. It's simple. Get connected today and have more fun!
C19 CONTROL is a free, easy-to-use and secure method of tracking COVID-19 infection statuses in both service users and staff, as well as recording personal protective equipment (PPE) needs across care settings.
This app is designed to support organisations with and without existing means of recording COVID-19 status digitally, using existing desktops, tablets, issued phones or your team’s own smartphones.
• Safe: Secure tracking within care services to aid operations and assist reporting
• Free: Provided at no cost
• Ready: Fully-developed, tested and supported staff app and supervisor’s dashboard

Please get in touch to discuss how C19 CONTROL can support your response to COVID-19, whilst also facilitating reporting into wider public health initiatives or other mandatory reporting requirements.
Kraydel addresses social isolation and supports independence. The Konnect system is the only platform to combine social connectivity, through easy TV-video calling, with scalable remote monitoring, through the broadest IoT platform for health and environmental sensors and devices. This combination supports User independence and wellbeing, delivering peace-of-mind to families and carers, by enabling care providers to:

• Remotely deliver support and care visits through the TV
• Analyse sensor data recorded in the well-being dashboard
• Monitor key health measures using Bluetooth connected devices
• Manage groups of users with alerts and notifications

Konnect has integrated a Bluetooth pulse oximeter and a Bluetooth non-contact thermometer to remotely monitor the respiratory infection and fever of Covid-19. The readings from these devices are displayed in the dashboard for carers and family, making Konnect the only TV-based remote monitoring system for Covid-19.

Kraydel is offering the first month subscription FREE to all care providers. For more details or a demo, please contact David White on or visit the website
Primetext is offering FREE access to its business text messaging service until 1st September 2020. It is easy to use and provides a powerful tool to send and receive messages both individually and to groups.
Sending to groups saves significant time, especially where staff resources are stretched, and research shows that 98% of text messages sent are read. There's no software to install and messages are sent to and from a text number that we provide to ensure staff numbers are not disclosed.
This offer is made exclusively to bona fide residential care homes in the UK to assist with staff and client/family communications during the Covid-19 epidemic.
As well as access to the service, Primetext will also offer free assistance to load contacts from any external system (typically by providing a spreadsheet or .csv file). 24x7 email support and any staff training that may be requested will also be provided.
Free webapp launched to track inventory for care homes, home care and supported living.

Keeping track of consumables and inventory in care homes, home care, supported living and other residential care facilities is a big challenge. Most of the time, it is managed in paper format handled by different staff from the stock check to purchasing.

Common problems faced by companies are:

• Running out of stock.
• Not able to track the usage.
• Not able to track expenses.
• Not monitoring expiry dates.
• Missing items.
• New staff not knowing where products are stored.
• No control of consumables in different locations from a central administrative office.

A new web app is launched to solve the above problems. The app has the following features.

• To make the weekly order easy.
• To systemise the process of inventory management.
• Keep track of the orders made.
• Make better decisions on collective purchase.
• Access your stock levels from anywhere.
• Get alerts for a stock check, expiry and low stock.
• Track the usage of each item and expense.

Care Inventory Manager (CIM) is created by care home expert Issac Theophilos and technology expert Alex Robinson. It is free to use for care organisations to keep track of PPE stock and other consumables especially during the Covid.
Quicksilva is passionate about protecting patients. For the last 15 years we’ve worked with the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS Digital, NHS England and Public Health England to improve patient care, by facilitating connection to NHS Spine services.

This experience has enabled us to help care providers to mitigate COVID 19 lockdown delays, both during the pandemic and beyond, with our UNIQUEQ®, telehealth video consultation solution.

UNIQUEQ®, is a fully managed service, which is distinctively different, because it can integrate with various platforms. System providers’ can connect with UNIQUEQ® through a simple API, and enable their end-users to make secure, instant, one-to-one calls by clicking a button on a patient record screen. There is no need to authenticate in a separate system or transfer patient notes.

The service is also available as a standalone web app, and comes with a number of innovative features; including Case Book, Client Management, Calendar and Secure Note functionality. We’re also developing Workflow based Waiting Rooms, Group Video Sessions, Stats Reporting and SMS Notifications.

You don’t need to download any additional software and it’s accessible on all modern devices, including mobile phones (iOS and Android), tablets, laptops, or desktops.

Care providers can use UNIQUEQ® to protect patients right away with our 90-day free trial. We’re offering up to *500 hours of complimentary telehealth video consultations, every day, for up to 100 individual user logins during the trial.

Email: Mark.Tovey@Qxlva.ComMark.Tovey@Qxlva.Com / Tel: 01249 751000

* between the hours of 08:00 and 20:00 UK Time (GMT/BST)
Virtual College has pioneered online learning for individuals, industry, and the public sector. We are also specialists in training management and online workplace training solutions. In this free infection prevention and control course, you can learn about the most effective methods to help stop the spread of any infections and viruses in the workplace environment.