In the coming weeks, videoconferencing on Microsoft Teams is going to be an important tool for care providers. Video calls can be used

  • by people receiving care to keep in touch with friends and relatives
  • by people receiving care and care workers to communicate with other health and care organisations. For example, with GPs, district nurses, pharmacists, social workers etc.
What is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to conduct video and audio calls as well as send instant messages. It is free for everyone. If you have an NHSmail account you can sign in with this email address. This will allow you to quickly find and share documents with anyone who has an email account. 

How to access Teams

You can log in to Teams by following these steps:

    1. In your internet browser, go to 
    2. Log in using your new NHSmail email address and password

You can read this guide to learn the basics of Teams.

Do we have to use Teams?

Teams is one option available to social care providers and is free to access. However, if you are already using a different videoconferencing tool in your locality then you can use that instead. NHSX’s guidance on information governance during COVID-19 is clear that any solution which allows communication between health and social care is fine to use right now.

How to use Teams