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Cardiff Council adopts wearable tech to help prevent resident falls

Cardiff Council adopts wearable tech to help prevent resident falls

Twenty residents in Cardiff are trialling smart watches to help them avoid falls. Falls are common in older people and can cause serious injury. Cardiff Council is using an innovate watch to help identify when someone is at risk, so healthcare professionals can be quickly alerted to potential issues.

The ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) software, developed by HAS Technology, was adopted by Cardiff Council to put preventative measures in place to support residents.

The technology focusses on key metrics associated with the risk of falling, such as low heart rate and heart rate variability. The watch monitors the service user and tracks their sleep and mobility data.

Service users can easily access the data for self-management and predictive analytics can then flag up any issues that my need intervention by a health professional.

Aaron Edwards, implementation and delivery manager at Cardiff Council, and chair of the Assistive Technology Network for Wales, was keen to put preventative measures into place during the pandemic: “I was worried that the pandemic would increase falls further. Research shows a clear link between those who fall frequently and serious injury or entry into residential care.

“With this assistive technology, our residents are able to monitor their daily health and mobility, and our professional support network will be alerted to any potential risk trends. At this point, we may speak to their GP, the Independent Living Service, or Community Rehab physios and put a plan in place to manage falls prevention.”

During the pandemic, ARMED has been adapted so it can be implemented remotely, minimising service user contact.

Brian Brown, director of HAS Technology’s ARMED service, added: “We are delighted to be working with Cardiff Council on their Telecare project. ARMED has not only shown how assistive technology can be of benefit during a time of crisis, but also how it can support the sector as we move forward to a new normal way of working.

“We are all anticipating additional pressures as the pandemic progresses and our wearable technology really highlights how having remote but real time access to data can support preventative measures. The goal is to ultimately improve the life of the end service user and help them to age well.”

Telecare Cardiff is asking anyone in the local area who has fallen in the last 24 hours to join the project, with the goal of preventing as many falls as possible.

To get in touch with Telecare Cardiff, call 029 2053 7080.

For more information about ARMED, visit www.hastechnology.com/armed


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