Abbots Care launches Wellbeing App to Support Carers

Abbots Care launches Wellbeing App to Support Carers

The Abbots Care Wellbeing app supports and connects care workers across the United Kingdom.

Abbots Care launched Abbots Care Wellbeing app on the 27th of September; a mobile app designed to allow them to monitor, understand and support the health and mental wellbeing of their care workers, no matter where they are in the United Kingdom.

Designed in collaboration with Abbots Care Co-Founder and Managing Director, Camille Leavold, the Abbots Care Wellbeing app serves to combat feelings of isolation often experienced by care workers; an issue of heightened importance in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Abbots Care Wellbeing app has been designed by carers, for carers and is an innovative, user-friendly mobile app which allows care workers to not only log how they’re feeling following – or even during – a shift, using a simple pictorial interface, but also to communicate with their colleagues; sharing good news, advice on best practice, and even praising and supporting one another.

Charlotte Wishart, a carer at Abbots Care, commented:

“The well-being app will be a great asset to abbots care. In trialling this app, I was able to see amazing feedback about the good things going on with other staff. I was able to shout out that my colleagues had done something amazing. It boosted moral amongst us knowing that there is a tool that was not only for work but helpful for thoughts and feelings from our personal life to. I cannot wait to see the future of this app and to see the positive effects it has on the carers”.

Nurettin Ahmet, another carer at Abbots Care, commented:

“I used the Wellbeing App at testing stage and found the app very good. It was easy to use, and I think this will give us the platform to share genuine concerns and thoughts and get the responses we so badly need to help with day-to-day issues. I am very excited about the app launch and feel this will improve employee’s wellbeing and communication”.

A truly community-minded app, users will also be able to browse and engage with a live feed filled with news, images, client feedback, and practical tips; populated by their colleagues’ activity through a simple share function.

Aside from its practical, day-to-day function, the Abbots Care Wellbeing app also allows for users to be rewarded for their activity on the app; bestowing them with bronze, silver or gold tokens which can be redeemed for gift cards, accepted in various high-street stores.

By connecting otherwise disparate care workers, the Abbots Care Wellbeing App addresses feelings of anxiety and isolation; creating a community of care workers, able to support, uplift and teach one another.

With 25 years’ experience in the care sector, Abbots Care Co-Founder and Managing Director Camille Leavold has unique insight as to the importance of connecting and supporting care workers. Said Leavold,

“We started Abbots Care back in 1995, working as care workers ourselves, so we really understand what it is like to work supporting vulnerable people and just how lonely and isolating it can be at times.

She added,

Retaining and appreciating our workforce is something really close to my heart, and we hope that the App will help us to support the wellbeing of our care workers.”

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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